We provide a dependable product with aesthetic appeal.

Sandy Creek Mining Company, Inc. is a turnkey operation that offers wholesale mining equipment and products used in gemstone panning to tourist attractions around the world.

This, combined with a low maintenance and a non-labor intensive operation, helps keep labor costs to a minimum. Participation rates vary for different types of operations, but they remain reasonable for even the smallest of locations.

Your bottom line after the recovery of equipment costs in the first year will be approximately 1/3 for product cost, and 2/3 for gross profit. School teachers will love you and your operation. Our mining equipment provides both education and a great hands-on participatory activity for kids.

That said, this is not just for kids; all ages will enjoy panning for treasures. The return business and take home bags you will sell have proven to be enormously popular.

Please take the time to view a few pictures of some of our previous installations. We would be more than happy to furnish you with a list of any of our present locations. You can contact us for more details about the bottom line and what we can do for your operation.

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What Do We Do?

  • The Sandy Creek Mining Company, Inc. is the wholesale builder and supplier of mining equipment and products used in gemstone panning operations.
  • We provide goods and services to tourist attractions around the world.
  • Our company takes pride in having provided quality equipment, products and services since 1991.

How Do We Do It?

  • Complete turnkey operation with all the equipment and products you need to start selling mine rough out of your existing gift shop
  • Customers need little assistance with package instruction signs, gem display boxes, and gemstone postcards
  • Because this operation can stand on its own and needs no attendant, your labor costs will be reduced. That said, many operations have found the increased sales well worth having an attendant at busy times.

Where Are They?

  • Over 800 locations in 26 different countries.
  • Small gift shops, campgrounds, amusement parks, family fun centers, country orchards, museums, zoos and show cave operations.
  • We have installed equipment at locations with annual visitation as low as 20,000 and as high as 4,000,000 plus

About Our Systems

Gemstone Panning and Mining

All our sluices are custom fit for your location with curves, turns, and drops as needed. These turns and drops serve a dual purpose. First, adding great eye appeal, and second, giving your sluice additional strength.

Dual Water System

We utilize a dual water system on our sluice packages. This assures your customer will always see clear and pristine water flowing from waterfalls for a great visual effect.

In House Production

We manufacture all our wood products in house at our location in Ohio. We take the pre-made products from our stock for quicker assembly and customization to your location.

Strong Systems

The stainless linings add additional strength and longevity to construction of our sluices. The system may be easily expanded or relocated to fit any changing needs.


All freight is included in quantities. Mining rough includes educational ID postcard, take home keeper bag, personalized labels for bags, and delivery to your location with quantity. NO HIDDEN CHARGES



 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo | IAAOA.org

Organizations We
Belong To:

  • Installing a “Gemstone Mining Sluice” from Sandy Creek was a great addition to our Anthracite Mining Museum. Besides the revenue it generated, it created interest and excitement at this attraction. Read more...
    Ron “Buddy” Knoebel // Knoebels Amusement Resort
  • We heard from our friends in the National Caves Association how successful a mining sluice could be. After attending an NCA Convention, seeing a sluice in action and visiting with Woody we decided to have Sandy Creek design and build a mining sluice that would fit our attraction. Read more...
    Brad Wuest, President // Natural Bridge Caverns, Inc.
  • Sandy Creek Mining has been a great addition to our attraction. It's a big success and people of all ages enjoy panning for gemstones and fool's gold. Read more...
    Judy Turilli, Gift Shop Manager // Meramec Caverns
  • “We installed our mining sluice at Howe Caverns in March of 1995. It turns out that gem stone mining has been the single biggest business addition we have ever made. Read more...
    Robert Holt General Manager // Howe Caverns, NY
  • The entire Sandy Creek Crew have guided us in the right direction for more than 11 years. The Sluice has been a perfect fit for our attraction. Read more...
    Eric Evans // Ohio Caverns
  • Perry’s cave is located on South Bass Island in northern Ohio. We got our first sluice in 1991 and replaced that with a bigger sluice shortly after that. Read more...
    Florian Batt // Perry’s Cave

Gemstone Panning and Mining